Productivity and collaboration gains from UC implementation

Effective connections are a vital part of business operations, leading more organizations to turn to unified communications solutions. The benefits of these systems are well-documented, but just how much can UC improve your capabilities? Let’s take a closer look at the productivity and collaboration gains that can be reaped from UC implementations:

Efficiency saves time

UC provides employees with the tools that allow them to access work information and programs from any location, on any device. A single interface gives mobile workers back 40 minutes a day, simply by making it easier to navigate between programs, adding up to 3.5 days of time savings. Companies with 100 employees can save up to 191 hours per day and $920,000 per year in regained productivity. These dramatic improvements remove administrative burdens and help bring workers together, no matter where they’re working from.

Collaboration quickly resolves issues

When talking to customers, it’s important to have resources on hand to deliver quality service and solve their issue quickly. UC enables collaboration between employees, allowing them to share information, brainstorm and resolve problems. A suite of UC options also ensures that customers in the cloud or using more traditional means can be served according to their preference. In this way, employees can communicate easily with clients as well as each other.

The ability to access company resources outside of normal business hours and devices are becoming increasingly important, and UC offers a secure, easy way to do so. Staff can leverage a number of different communication tools and rich media applications to expand beyond traditional boundaries and support changes in how people work. For more information on the productivity and collaboration benefits that UC can provide,