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Expand, enrich and empower your Toshiba phone system

IPedge® Application Server—The power of IPedge for Strata® CIX™ systems

Toshiba’s IPedge family makes full-featured, business-quality IP telephony easy and affordable for small to midsized businesses and branch offices of larger enterprises. One compact server supports a rich set of capabilities that empower your people to work more effectively and the business to present an enterprise-class persona to the public.

Now the power of the IPedge server is available to enhance your existing Strata CIX business communication systems. The IPedge Application Server for Strata CIX integrates three important applications into a single server. In the process, you save money compared to buying the applications separately, simplify the network infrastructure, and pave the way to evolve to full IP telephony in the future.

  • IPedge Messaging gives you voicemail, unified messaging, and the ability to make and receive Strata CIX calls on your smartphone.
  • IPedge Call Manager integrates your PC with call control on the Strata CIX, so you can make calls from your contacts, see if colleagues are available, text chat with them, and take office calls at your home office.
  • IPedge Meeting makes scheduled or spontaneous conference calls more like meetings by enabling you to share documents, presentations and video while talking remotely.

Whether you start with one application or all three, the IPedge Application Server for Strata CIX makes you and the business more effective. The Strata CIX system gains the latest IP unified communications and mobility solutions, without forcing you to move entirely to IP.

Strata® Media Application Server (MAS) and MicroMAS

At any point in the future, the IPedge Application Server can be upgraded to a full IPedge system with call processing with just a simple upgrade license.

The Strata® Media Application Server integrates with Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™ and IPedge business phone systems to host a variety of value-added applications within one platform. Because it reduces the need for separate, application-specific servers, the Strata Media Application Server dramatically decreases the cost and complexity of deploying multiple applications. Available in two size platforms, the Strata Media Application Server fits every Toshiba phone system and budget.

Applications for Strata CIX include Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech, Fax, Unified Messaging, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), ACD Reporting, Call Manager and browser-based system administration. The ACD and ACD reporting features also integrate with Toshiba’s IPedge system to support full-featured contact centers.

The Strata Media Application Server is one of the first devices that combine voice applications from multiple vendors onto a single platform using Host-based Media Processing (HMP) technology. The advantage of HMP is that it eliminates the need for expensive voice resource boards and provides a sleek, efficient IP-based solution.